Wednesday, October 19, 2011

New blog

I've decided to move my blog to wordpress and change my focus. Why Wordpress? I love blogger and it is simple to use but I decided I wanted more. Wordpress is a powerful application and my blog is in the beginning stages but I am a slowly organizing it and putting it together so bare with me for the moment. Right now most of my focus is my kids and what we do. I'll still post about my family but I will probably start posting about other things. I know I do it now but I am hoping that this will help me stay more focus and organized and accomplish some personal goals. I am having a hard time finding a concise way to explain all my reasons for moving to a new format but I hope my followers will follow me at my new blog:

Saturday, October 15, 2011

My first dress

I bought a few dress patterns from etsy and I have been waiting or more like procrastinating to do it. I bought some really cute fabric for 1.99/yard so I could get some practice in without feeling too bad if I messed up. Anyway to my surprise Olivia likes to wear the same matching outfit as Hazel. I use to think it was cheesy but only because I use to have a cousin that would copy everything I would wear and I hated it. But now that I have two little girls I think it is so adorable so I am going to take advantage of it. I made Olivia's dress first and I made it a size 5 so she would have room to grow into it so it is pretty baggy. It was so much easier than I expected and I was able to finish it in one day. I would classify my sewing skills beginner/intermediate so I am really proud of myself. It isn't perfect but Olivia loves the fact that I made it for her. Now onto Hazel's dress and my big plan is to make a matching skirt.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Olivia and the camera

We bought a new camera. Even though it is really our camera I call it Mike's camera and the old camera is mine. A conversation from last month:

Olivia: Mom have you seen my camera.
Sandy: Uh. I don't think you have a camera.
Olivia: (Running to the kitchen counter). Oh there it is.
Sandy: Olivia that is mommy's camera.
Olivia: No mommy that is my camera.
Sandy: Actually that is my camera.
Mike: Oh I told Olivia the other day that she could have that camera.
Sandy: (To Mike) What? She is 2 years old and she doesn't need her own camera. Anyway that is my camera.
Sandy: (To Oliva) Olivia that really is mommy's camera. It wasn't for daddy to give to you.
Olivia: Mommy it is okay we can share it.

Great Olivia is teaching me about sharing. Anyway here are a couple of her photos.

Fat pants and such

So I am only 5 lbs away from my pre pregnancy weight and this is the same place I stopped after I had Olivia. The problem is there is a lot more jiggle in places I didn't have before. I really want to lose the weight but obviously not enough to exercise and watch what I eat. I'll admit I am being super lazy that way. It takes a lot of discipline and I am an emotional eater. When I get stress out or upset, I eat so I just don't have the willpower to do it right now. Since I have a job I can't live in sweats (which accommodate any weight) I had a really limited wardrobe. Side-note: Wearing maternity clothes when you aren't pregnant looks really weird especially the shirts. My opinion anyway.

My mission was to find dark jeans that I could dress up for work and dress down for weekends and evenings. My first complaint is I am not a fan of the skinny jean just because I feel like I am too big to wear them. I think they are cute on other people but not on me so that eliminates at least half of the racks. I suspect most women have a hard time shopping for jeans or it is just a story I tell myself to make me feel better. Dark wash, light wash, stretch, no stretch, high rise, low rise, flare, boot cute, straight fit, skinny, taper, boy cut. My shopping rule is I have to love it to buy it. There have been multiple occasions that I buy something that doesn't fit perfect but I loved the pattern or the style or bought something too small hoping I would lose weight but I hate wasting money and space having it sit in my closet. I also suffer from the problem of finding a perfect pair of jeans and wear them all the time until I get a hole that isn't fixable. It is pretty devastating. I still have 3 of those jeans in my craft bin waiting to be turned into a quilt. I am pretty dramatic when it comes to jeans just because I have such a hard time finding a pair that fit my body.

We went to Burlington Coat Factory and I tried on about 8 pairs and I found two that fit well. Fitting well means it doesn't give me muffin top and make my caboose look like it is 10 feet wide or like a sausage being stuffed into a casing. There are tradeoffs though. Usually all pants are too long and if I shop petite they are too short to wear with boots. I tried to wear them and it just wasn't happening. There is managing 1-2 inches too long versus 3-4 inches and I even wore boots those days. I finally pulled out my new sewing machine.

Remember my new sewing machine that I had big plans for when I was nesting and then life happened. I finally pulled it out and it worked like a dream from the get go. It was worth every single penny I saved and I can't wait to start on my other projects. Thank you for electronic sewing machines. I used this tutorial to hem my new jeans and it saved me so much time and it was super easy and it uses the original hem of the jeans.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Thanks Olivia

Olivia: Mom what's that? (points to my chin)
Mom: Probably a pimple.
Olivia: Ewwww! Gross!
Mom: Hey. Thank you for pointing that out! (sarcastically)
Olivia: Your welcome Mom.

Durtschi Family happenings

My two sleepy bones who sleep in every chance they get. Olivia is my early riser no matter how late she gets to bed.

Olivia and her magnetic clips.

Our sweet score on buzz lightyear pajamas at a yard sale this summer.

Our homemade pizza days. BBQ chicken and the classic pepperoni. Pizza Dough freezes really well and it only takes about 8 minutes to cook.

Evidence that Olivia takes the cheese block and eats it as a cheese sandwich.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Product Review - Artistry Light Up Lip Gloss

Mike has started up a business and I am going to review the products I personally use just in case someone might be interested in trying it out. The first product is Artistry Light Up Lip Gloss. Artistry is one of the top five in sales for skincare and beauty products. The other companies are Clinique, Estee Lauder, Lancome and Chanel. Artistry is a Miss America pageant sponsor. In 2008 Sandra Bullock was announced as the "face" of Artistry luXury Creme.

I used the champagne color and it is neutral and it is sheer and shiny. It wasn't too sticky or thick. High quality. The highlight of this lip gloss is there is a led light on the applicator and a mirror on the side so you can apply it anywhere even in the dark and not miss a step in the application. I was quite impressed. I have used Bare minerals, Lancome and Clinique lip glosses in the past and the cost is similar. The lip gloss will last an estimated 200 applications.

I would like to offer a 15% discount until November 30 so the cost is $13.00 + S&H. They would make great Christmas presents or stocking stuffer. All Artistry products have a 180 day return policy so if you don't like any product you can return it for a full discount.